The Mark

After I noticed the first noticed that distinctive Brewminati insignia, I started seeing it pop up in all sorts of different places.  Some places that even stupefied me:

For those who haven’t had a civics lesson or seen the National Treasure movies recently, this is a crop from the signature block of the Declaration of Independence.  Anyone who tells you that revolt was about tea and taxes is missing the bigger picture.  Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had their own brewhouses.  Samuel Adams operated a commercial brewery. Soldiers in the Revolutionary Army received rations of a quart of beer a day.  Beer not only captivated our founding fathers, it made a fledgling American army drunk enough to think it could defeat the British.

The Mark of The Breminati isn’t limited to historical documents.  It’s turned up in far more esoteric places:

Not convinced this crop circle is the work of the actual Brewminati?  Take a look after we zoom out a bit further:

The most intriguing instance I caught is one that’s been staring us in the face, literally, ever since Jim Koch insisted upon doing his own commercials:

It’s not readily apparent, but pay special attention to his left eye:

Jim may explain that away to the mainstream media as a prison tat he acquired , but I’m not buying it.

The Mark is out there.  You need only to look for it…


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